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ACTIVITIES & EVENTS for all ages are scheduled during Laurel NE's Q125 celebration.  Please watch for full details on this web site, the Laurel, NE Q125 Facebook page, and the Laurel Advocate.  US92 will be providing live coverage of the Q125.

A variety of FOOD & BEVERAGE options will be available throughout the Q125 weekend.  In addition to local restaurants and businesses, the Laurel Senior Citizen's Center, the Laurel VFW, the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department, and  food truck vendors will be providing many delicious options for beverages, snacks and meals. (See FORMS web page for Vendor Registration.)

Q125 News Correspondent

Poly Ester


Would you like to help sponsor a specific Q125 event or make a general donation toward our celebration?  We encourage you to contact Karen Harrington, Q125 Finance Chair, at (402) 256-3247.  She will assist you by answering any questions you may have and provide you with all the information you need.    


We're going to have a GREAT TIME!